Transition to electronic certificates
Successful transition to electronic certificates

We started with electronic distribution of certificates four months ago. Thanks to all of you who accepted our decision positively, the transition took place without complications.

Regular updates and care for security

Free MeOL application is available for an easy reviews of certificates. You are also going to receive your certificates via a link in an email.


To ensure a higher level of security, we have implemented user authentication. Users who do not have their own account to access the MeOL application, will now have to register to view the certificate. By clicking on the “New User” button, set a password and thus enable yourself to view the certificates. MeOL users can access the certificates on the link with their existing password.

Free MeOL web app
Printed certificates

The service of printed certificates will become chargeable starting on February 1st, 2023.
Once again, we urge you to decide for receiving certificates electronically.
The price of a printed certificate is 3 € (regardless of how many pages it contains).

For more information please contact us
T: +386 4 517 07 00

What did we achieve with the electronic distribution of certificates?
Lower paper consumption

By switching to electronic distribution of certificates, we reduced paper consumption by approximately 1.6 tons of paper (44 trees) in 4 months, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.
Smaller packaging size

We have sent printed certificates together with your measuring instruments. The packaging was often larger than it really needed to be. We are in the process of renovating for more sustainable and smaller packaging.