Hardness tester EASYFLAG 3000

EASYFLAG 3000 is a special Brinell hardness tester, with built-in milling, designed to overcome the typical problems of radial drills, which are not suited to bear loads higher than 3000 kg.

EASYFLAG 3000 highlights:

  • 45 sec for one complete test including surface preparation,
  • test 100% of production with maximum Brinell accuracy,
  • automatize the quality inspection process,
  • move human resources to other jobs,
  • always the same surface roughness, no risk of damaging or heating the testing surface,
  • the total cost of the machine is absorbed in one year.
Short demonstration video
Other advantages

Motorized turret for up to 8 different tools (scales indenters, different optic lenses, laser, milling surface preparation tool).


The clamping system assures complete stability of any test piece throughout the test cycle, even if it’s oiled, rusty or dirty.


The hardness tester is fully motorized and moves automatically in any direction with centesimal precision.


Automatic focus adjustment for each optic with precise positioning at any magnification.


From perfectly polished to rough and etched samples, the software automatically measure indents on any sample surface. 


Easy joystick, buttons control and touchscreen. Large capacity Hard Disk and PC assure infinite performance as well as remote control for easy assistance everywhere.

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