Portable CMM with software

Take advantage of a special promotional offer from the Swiss manufacturer Trimos, until June 30th, which includes:

  • portable coordinate measuring machine C4 and

  • Aberlink basic software (TA-SW-826) for motorized machines.

Regular price: 38.000 EUR +DDV
Special price: 33.000 EUR + DDV


Technical information
Trimos 3D C4

Trimos C4 is the first portable 3D coordinate measuring machine that is ideal for working in industrial conditions. Weighing only 13.5 kg, the device allows greater mobility and the possibility of being integrated directly into the production process. Both the machine and the software are designed for optimal user experience and ease of use.



Rok Bajželj, product sales manager, is available for additional information about the Trimos C4 coordinate measuring machine.
T: 00386 51 665 635