Analysis of technical cleanliness
Analysis of technical cleanliness

In recent years, more and more emphasis has been placed on ensuring the technical cleanliness of products. Technical cleanliness is just one of the parameters that affects the quality and durability of products.
Harmful particles can cause defects between individual parts of the product, which can lead to premature failure of the product part or at least less efficient operation.

In the company LOTRIČ Certification we can test the product in its entirety or only a small part of the product, e.g. internal combustion engines, valves, nozzles, plastic housings and printed circuit boards.

Standards according to which we perform technical cleanliness tests:

  • ISO 16232: 2018,
  • VDA 19, part 1: 2015,
  • other specific requirements from different manufacturers.

In the company LOTRIČ Certification we offer:

  • advisory on requirements of standards,
  • technical cleanliness analysis on products and
  • monitoring of cleanliness in production.
Delivery of results: usually 5-10 working days from samples received.
Testing of technical cleanliness on products

We perform cleanliness analysis according to the most modern methods in accordance with the latest standards.

The analysis process consists of two main parts:

  1. We wash the piece so the particles are extracted into the solvent, which is then filtered. This way, all potentially harmful particles are transferred to the filter.
  2. The particles are analysed gravimetrically or microscopically. We then classify them into size classes, inspect them with a light microscope, and divide them by type.
Technical cleanliness

Decontamination extraction stations of the French manufacturer Cleanpart´ner



The company LOTRIČ Certification is a representative of the French company Cleanpartner (in Slovenia and Croatia, some parts of Austria and Italy).  There are six size classes of washing chambers from DSS1 to DSS6 in the sales program.
Different chamber sizes allow the extraction of particles of very small, medium or very large products in accordance with applicable standards such as ISO 16232 and VDA19.



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