Electronic distribution of certificates
Think about the environment by receiving e-certificates

Dear Customers and Partners,

We would like to inform you that on the 1st of July, 2022, LOTRIČ Metrology is switching to electronic distribution of certificates.

In 2021, we performed 114,006 metrological inspections, and consequently issued the same number of certificates. Since more complex certificates contain ten pages and more, on an annual level at LOTRIČ Metrology we use about five tons of paper to print certificates. We estimate that the transition to electronic certificates will preserve approximately 120 trees per year, which might otherwise be cut down as a raw material for papermaking.

Process of receiving E-certificate
  • You will receive an e-mail with a link to the e-certificate, which will be active for a period of two months.
  • You can save the e-certificate in .pdf format, or you can also print it, if you wish.
  • In the transitional period, which will last until the 31st of August, 2022, in addition to the electronic certificate, you will also receive a printed certificate. After the end of the transition period, we are completely switching to e-certificates.
  • In the case that an e-certificate is not acceptable to you, and you would like to receive a printed certificate even after the end of the transition period, please inform us at info@lotric.si.

The service of printed certificates will become chargeable in the future. The company LOTRIČ Certification operates under its own conditions.

  • E-certificates are also available through the free online application MeOL. Managing a quality system has never been easier – with electronic certificates in one place and a comprehensive overview of the condition of measuring equipment.
Not using the MeOL app yet?
Benefits of MeOL


Just a few clicks separate you from the entire history of your measuring equipment and all the issued certificates in one place.



Certificates and sample history are available anytime, anywhere; you will no longer have problems with sample records and searching for certificates.



The system automatically alerts you to the expiration date of the measuring equipment examination.



In the MeOL web application, you can check which phase of the process your sample is currently in.


References from satisfied users
  • Alojz Kosi, Quality Control, Farmtech, d. o. o.


“With its simplicity and transparency, the MeOL application has significantly facilitated our work and completely replaced our own database of measuring instruments.
We currently operate with more than 1,000 instruments, and they are all listed in MeOL. In addition to standard functions, the application also allows us to control measuring instruments which are already written-off, and which have the status of inactive in the database. Due to the nature of our work and the large range of instruments, many changes take place, such as in the location of the instruments. Employees of LOTRIČ Metrology are always ready to help us, and they take care of all our wishes and needs.”

  • M.Sc. Simona Felser, Area manager, Avto Krka d. o. o.


“Regular calibration and verification of measuring instruments is extremely important in our work. The MeOL application makes it easier for us to trace the instruments, and warns us about the appropriate moment when the instruments need to be sent for calibration.
Since Avto Krka has 29 business units throughout Slovenia, and more than 500 employees, one of the important functionalities of MeOL for us is the fact that it enables easy determination of users and their rights. Each of the instruments has a specific trustee, who oversees the quality of the instrument in the specific location. The rights of access are then hierarchically arranged, which facilitates central control over the instrument. ”

In case of additional questions, you can reach us.