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Optical measuring systems TRAMES

The TRAMES measuring systems is adapted to your requirements for faster and more accurate measurement of a wide range of products.
  • It allows length measurements of pipes, profiles, strips, cables.
  • For a wide range of materials: rubber, wood, steel, various metals, textiles, plastics.

Legal use

Length of wire and cable measuring device

• measuring range 0.01 m–9,999.9 m
• thickness of cables 3 mm–50 mm
• accuracy +/- 0.5 % (for length of cable 5 m and more)
• counter reading 1 cm

Smart sensor hub


The state of the art solution EXACTUM automatically monitors your processes and products and helps you meet standards and requirements. The innovative solution enables efficient monitoring and recording of temperature, humidity, illumination, CO₂ levels and other parameters.

To make it easier to focus on your customers!

Metrology solutions

Quality is crucial for you. Would you like to save 1fte (man–day) per 500 pieces of equipment? To work with a partner that offers know–how and 24/7 availability, as well as support when and how you need it? While at the same time optimising your supply chain, increasing equipment use efficiency, and using all the advantages of automation, thus gaining more time to spend on your core business and products?

The users of Lotrič Metrology solutions swear by one of these options of collaboration: Orderly measurement, ready to use project, preventative maintenance.

For all your needs


The LOTRIČ Metrology Group performs calibrations for the widest possible range of needs. Measurements are conducted by qualified experts using state–of–the–art equipment on location or at our accredited laboratories.

After every calibration you receive a certificate, which ensures traceability of measures for establishing and maintaining quality management systems, technical recommendations, and specific requirements, such as GxP in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Certificate LOTRIČ Metrology: a document that counts.


We have decades of experience with calibration, testing and conformity assurance and are recognised as a reference partner.

With Lotrič Metrology your measures are calibrated and processes verified just like your customers want them.

LOTRIČ Metrology certificate testifies to your quality which has a lot of advantages.



Happy new year

Let every opportunity turn into a succesful new venture. Happy new year from team LOTRIČ Metrology!

New accredited services

We received the approval by Slovenian accreditation for the largest extent of accredited processes within the LOTRIČ Metrology group.

We received an award for the best showplace at the trade show MEDICAL

Today, the biggest trade show in the field of medicine has opened up its doors- trade show MEDICAL in Gornja Radgona. With a rich offer, visitors could also enjoy in the exhibit of the company LOTRIČ Metrology. We are very pleased to announce that we received a really special award at this trade show - The best showplace award. The health minister Milojka Kolar Celar handed us the award.

Industrial trade show 2017

From April the 4th to 7th; international Industrial trade show in Celje is taking place, where our company LOTRIČ Metrology is also having a display.
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Temperature, humidity

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Chemical etching for quick prototyped or products.

Chemical etching

One step in front of your comtetition with LOTRIČ Metrology.

We offer you a complete range of services:

  • reducing costs by up to 115 times, our procedure for manufacturing prototypes and small batches can take as little as 3 days;
  • a procedure suitable for all kinds of metals;
  • a far less time consuming and more cost- effective method than punching;
  • your products are unique and detailed to your specifications.

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