18. 9. 2018
At this year’s 9th "NAXO’S POTATO FESTIVAL" at Greek island of Naxos, which was held on the 1st of September 2018, the hosts decided to attempt and break the World Guinness Record for the largest serving of fried potatoes by cutting and frying more than 600 kg of potato fries.

In order to be compliant with all Guinness’s rules, a specialist within an authority of weights and measures had to be appointed as an official expert witness. His role was to ensure the accurate operation of the scale and its conformity according to the demands of the attempt and certify that all official weighing rules were met throughout the attempt. He should also supervise and document all measurements during the attempt, as an official witness.  

Mr. Manolas representing both LOTRIČ Metrology and Manolas Weighing Automation Company, was asked to be the official expert witness for the attempt.

He certified the adequate operation of the scale by performing a calibration procedure and he ensured that all Guinness’s rules and guidelines were met in order to break the record.

Finally, more than 600kg of potato chips were fried, outmatching by far the currently held record of 454.95 kg by an American company. All necessary documents were collected and it is now in the judgment of the Guinness committee to officially accept the attempt.