23. 10. 2018

Every day we are surrounded with measurements that affect the quality of our lives. A team of more than 130 people from the internationally renowned company LOTRIČ Metrology performs more than 376 measurements every day, thus ensuring our safety. The Lotrič team is with us from birth, as newborns our weighed with an accurate and precise scale. They are with us at every technical test, doctor’s visit, we also encounter them in shops. They are a family enterprise that covers approximately 95 percent of all metrology needs of companies in Slovenia and abroad.

The entire group that comprises 9 companies generated a revenue of EUR 5,2 million and a net profit of approximately EUR 490.000 in the year 2017.

With the hope to share their knowledge with their users, they opened Slovenia’s first metrology park in Železniki today, covering a surface of 1.078 square meters. They invited 16 world-renowned providers of measurement equipment and lecturers who not only understand measuring 4.0 but help shape it.

Jörg Schröder of Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH, Declan Tierney of Mecmesin and Nejc Demšar of LOTRIČ Meroslovje lectured on modern metrology systems in the industry environment 4.0.

More than 150 partners from Slovenia and abroad, who ensure the quality of products and services of some of the biggest industrial companies, attended the event.

 At the event, some companies – among them Gorenje Orodjarna, Revoz and Knaufinsulation – received a Certificate of metrology excellence that reflects the companies’ investments in the quality of metrology equipment and know-how.

An exciting autumn

In addition to opening the Metrology park, the company LOTRIČ Meroslovje is also organizing two business breakfasts in the autumn months, to which they are inviting everyone who deals with automation in the pharmaceutical industry. Stefan Leisenheimer of ERWEKA GmbH will lecture on the automation of testing solid forms of pharmaceuticals. Ines Künzl of SHP Steriltechnik will present the steps we must know to ensure an appropriate sterilization process and the correct use of autoclaves to avoid possible infections.