23. 10. 2018

The first Metrology park in Slovenia is opening in Železniki

What do sepsis, industry 4.0 and finding out how long pills need to disintegrate in your stomach have in common? The answer is MEASUREMENTS. And the necessary know-how that is being promoted in Slovenia these days.
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18. 9. 2018

World Guinness Record

We were a part of he World Guinness Record for the largest serving of fried potatoes.
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12. 6. 2018

The first in Slovenia

We are very pleased to announce that in May, we have been authorized as the first in Slovenia to conduct inspections of cars, using compressed natural gas (CNG) engines. We inspect personal, combined and freight vehicles.
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12. 6. 2018

At the ACHEMA Fair

On Monday, 11 June 2018, Frankfurt opened its doors to the ACHEMA Fair - a leading professional event in the field of chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology.
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28. 5. 2018

EXACTUM at the Pharmacy Technicians Symposium

Last weekend, at the Rogla Pharmacy Technicians Symposium, we presented EXACTUM - a smart system for automatic control of medicine storage.
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25. 5. 2018

Wednesday’s enjoyable afternoons 2018

It is another year when you can join us on Wednesdays between 5 and 6:30 pm on the Rovn Sports Park, where we will have fun.
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21. 5. 2018

Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements, Belgrade

We kindly invite you to the 62nd International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements in Belgrade, where we introduce a new family of measuring systems TRAMES Unique.
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24. 4. 2018

Visit us at CONTROL fair

Today, the international CONTROL Quality Management Fair, which is one of the leading international fairs in this field, opened its doors to visitors.
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23. 4. 2018

Metrology and Our Youngest

Our desire is to bring the world of measuring closer to our youngest. Thus, we designed the project "Young Metrologist", which we carried out last year in kindergartens.
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19. 4. 2018

The First CMM Quality Assurance Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina will soon be richer for the Competency Center, CMM, which will help to provide new opportunities to enter the EU market.
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