We are an accredited testing laboratory in accordance with iso 17025. Testing is conducted according to international standards and in compliance with your customers’ requirements. We work with you to develop our testing procedures and adapt to your needs and wishes.

We perform testing through the entire life–cycle of your sample — from raw material to material, half–product, or product and waste. On the basis of acquired testing results we offer expert counselling to help you optimise your processes and sales.

Regular periodic testing of samples reduces your risk of complaints. This allows you to:
  • keep your customers happy;
  • maintain your company’s good reputation;
  • improve cost–effectiveness.

In the case of complaints we join forces and find an appropriate solution to optimise your processes or identify irregularities of supplied goods.
Testing Field Testing method/testing samples
Environmental parameters Temperature & relative
humidity & pressure
Measurement of chambers, rooms, enclosures and samples
Dimensional Dimensions & angle Measurement of samples on lineal, optic and coordinate measuring machines
Roughness Surface roughness
Mechanical Hardness Hardness according to HR, HV, HB, Shore, IRHD
Strength Tensile, compressive, flexural, shear stress — force measuring machines
Impact strength Measurement with Charpy and Izod machine
Force Various force measuring on tensile machine
Torque Torque measurement of samples
Cleanliness Clean rooms & filters Classification of air cleanliness, the velocity and flow of the air stream visualization of the air flow, permeability and
classification of filters, recovery test, illuminance and noise, testing of the differential pressure, temperature and relative
humidity of air
Technical Cleanliness Cleanliness determination of the sample: the mass and size of particles, number of particles in each size class and the
content of metallic and non–metallic particles
Microscopic Metallography The measurement of porosity, thickness of electrochemical coatings, determination of surface treatments and fabrication,
identification of errors at the intersections, depth and cemented nitride layer, compound analysis zones and print board
Thermal Temperature A glass transition, crystallization of the polymers in the DSC machine, heat resistance after VICAT
Flammability Test with a glowing wire, self–extinguishing, burning rate
Electrical EMC Electromagnetic compatibility in the development phase
Parameters Electrical and mechanical life expectancy of devices, the mechanical properties of terminals, short–circuit tests, electrical
and other transients, permittivity, leakage currents, insulation resistance, current warming, the contact reliability, leakage
currents, dielectric strength
Chemical Waste & Process waters Analysis of wastewater according to national legislation, the analysis of supply, boiler and deionized water and degreasing
and galvanic baths
RoHS Determination: Hg, Pb, Cr6+, Cd, PBDE, PBB
Analyses Analyses of IR, UV–VIS, IC, ICP, AAS, titration, oxygen content, conductivity, density, viscosity, refractive index, viscosity
number, MVR, MFR
Environmental testing Surface protection Samples exposition to environmental air conditions in climatic chambers (° C, % RH), pressure chambers (bar),
condensation chambers, salt chambers (corrosion resistance: NSS, CASS), SO₂ chambers and UV chamber (suntest)
IP protection Water resistance of the housing (X1 – X10)
Identification The polymers, fillers, fats, oils IR spectrometry

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We have decades of experience with calibration, testing and conformity assurance and are recognised as a reference partner.

With Lotrič Metrology your measures are calibrated and processes verified just like your customers want them.

LOTRIČ Metrology certificate testifies to your quality which has a lot of advantages.

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