We have been calibrating and testing with a love for metrology for three decades. We develop state of the art, highly perfected, but easy to use metrology products and services. We transfer knowledge, represent top Slovene and foreign producers of measurement, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment, and are at the same time a driving force for progress of the field of metrology.

Why choose LOTRIČ Metrology?

What exactly makes companies choose LOTRIČ Metrology as their partners? Why do quality assurance managers, heads of production and ceos say that working with us is synonymous with security? Why does the number of companies using our service keep increasing?

The essence of LOTRIČ Metrology is clearly visible: it lies in the people we employ.

Our dedicated team of 170 employees is here for you every day. We love what we do. Providing you with solutions that exceed your expectations is what makes us tick. We are always ready to listen to the challenges you face and help you meet them.

We know how important your product is, and how important your production process, logistics and every link in the chain are. We understand how competitive the market is, and we are well aware that the quality of your product and your processes has to be superb. Our awareness of this shapes the values we bring to our collaboration.

Companies entrust responsibility for their metrology needs to us. This allows them to focus on their core business and its dynamic development, crucial in todays’ market where not only growth but also the speed you develop at plays a crucial role. LOTRIČ Metrology gives a boost to your development by providing you with excellent metrology solutions. We measure — you grow!

Our advantages

Our story

As an entrepreneur, the current owner and general manager Marko Lotrič started with the workshop, where he worked mainly in the field of calibration of scales, weights and pipettes.

Today, group unites over 170 experts in the field of metrology, employees in seven countries. 

In addition to the parent company LOTRIČ Metrology, which operates since its beginings in Selška valley, there are four companies in Slovenia which operate in Železniki - LOTRIČ Certificiranje, Ljubljana - PSM merilni sistemi and Puconci - Mikro Medica. Subsidiaries are operating in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Northern Macedonia, where they are established as accredited laboratories.


Vision and mission


When you think about measurment, you think about LOTRIČ Metrology.


We expand the circle of trust in the devices, services and systems that form part of our daily lives.


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