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You can find us everywhere. From the moment your baby is born and you’re looking forward to all the measurements of weight and size. Because you trust the correctness of measurements in technical inspections, you can drive carefree. You also trust in fair trade - the scales in the fruit department are almost certainly certified by the company LOTRIČ Metrology. And last but not least: all crops in the fields are safely stored in the silos of the Institute for Commodity Reserves of the Republic of Slovenia, where our product EXACTUM monitors the temperature.

LOTRIČ Certificiranje – For the quality of materials and products

We offer testing of materials and products, and we make sure that you provide only the best to your customers. We specialize in testing in the automotive, plastic, rubber and metal industries.

Car manufacturers entrust us with the testing of the resistance of car seat material to sunscreen or other cosmetics. With salt mist, we check the corrosion protection of car chassis. Among the samples are climbing handrails, mirrors, door handles and even anti-freeze, which is used to coat the exterior of aircraft and thus prevent the latter from freezing high in the air, where completely different weather conditions prevail.

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PSM Measuring Systems –  For the best user experience

The company PSM Measuring Systems a representative of leading manufacturers in the field of process and industrial automation. We provide sophisticated measuring and software equipment to support quality control in the production process.

Have you ever wondered how to determine the best spread structure? Or why does one package open easily, where for another you need more power? All of this is related to force - and at PSM, we are experts in the field of force. We can check the adequacy of the torque of the cap on the bottle, and also take care of the correct opening of bottles with a safety cap for children. We take care of measuring the strength of tablets, and the functionality of plastic packaging. One of the best testing procedures is the measurement of the texture of spreads, and the cream of delicious cream puffs.

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Mikro Medica – For the safety of facilities

By adding Mikro Medica to the LOTRIČ Metrology Group, we can also perform measurements in the environment, and study the impact of factors on the safety of facilities such as bridges, sewage systems and water supply systems, treatment plants and large barriers. We provide monitoring, automation and telemetry systems for remote process monitoring and management. Our experts also make sure that the route across the Ravbarkomanda viaduct is safe. We also perform seismic observations at the Drava and Sava power plants.

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