»Together we have established a system of managing our measures but also a firm bond of trust, which is growing stronger and stronger each year.«

»Responsiveness, flexibility, expertise and adapting their calibration schedule to our needs are the Lotrič Metrology qualities which impress us the most.« 

»The system for measuring the force of closing at the packing machine is built according to traits we value here at Lek: speed, simplicity, consumer focus and orientation toward quality, trust, and efficiency.«

»With the solution we devised together we are able to satisfy the requirements of the German market, in particular automobile giants such as Volkswagen with more ease and more efficiently.«

»We chose Lotrič Metrology because of accredited and certified procedures and suitable cost analysis. «

»With their competences which they have developed and built on over the years they help us to develop our products faster. «

»The LOTRIČ Metrology group offers reliable service of technical cleanliness of our products - in the development phase for samples and for yearly requalification, where results of purity are compulsory. «

»They ensure accreditation of their services by regular inter-laboratory comparison therefore we do not doubt their results and never feel the need to verify their results. «

»When we encounter a situation which calls for a quick response in the central European region we choose LOTRIČ Metrology. «

»The great advantage of working together with LOTRIČ Metrology group is the proximity of their laboratory, the technical know- how of their experts and their quick response time. «

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