Gorenje orodjarna, the subsidiary of internationally known Gorenje group has entrusted Lotrič Metrology with managing over 1000 measures and other equipment. The custom– made solution developed over a three year period includes: a unified base and record of measures, specially designed cases to transport measures, accredited calibration of measures and devices performed by Lotrič Metrology, organising and finding appropriate calibration of other measures in different laboratories, education and training of staff on the correct use of measures and equipment, monthly pickup and delivery of measures, maintenance and repair of measures and packaging, informing users of due dates of checks, advice and sale of new equipment, cooperation in development of new custom made control devices and checking for possible upgrades to the system every three months. 

In one of Slovenia’s biggest toolmaking company the properties and requirements of every measure and data on standards and tolerances are available quickly and efficiently through an innovative intertwining of two software tools: 

  • QTree enables the person managing the measure to access and order samples, change calibration due dates, and enter new measures; 
  • MeOl, internet software tool that enables those responsible to access data at any time. 

»We chose Lotrič Metrology because of accredited and certified procedures and suitable cost analysis. Now we no longer have to keep track of legislation in the field of metrology and familiarize ourselves with ever–changing standards. the team at Lotrič Metrology helps us with their advice and suggestions, is always open to new suggestions when it comes to the process of managing measures, and is always available to resolve any queries.«

Jože Ošlak, H
ead of Quality Control, Gorenje Orodjarna