Sogefi Filtration, a member of sogefi Group, the leading producer of original parts for the automobile industry, ensures the quality of its products with the help of Lotrič Metrology. The Slovene member of the international group, where quality is crucial for meeting international standards, realised that it must invest in its own laboratory in order to keep assuring quality to its customers. Investment in an in–house laboratory with all the necessary expert personnel and equipment proved less economic than outsourcing. 

Through a year–long period we devised together an efficient way to meet the everyday metrology needs at our laboratory. this ensures: 

  • daily sample measurements and reports on results on the production line; 
  • a special method of sampling, method of testing and keeping track of measurements using barcodes; 
  • storing and forwarding/sharing documents on measurements through the MeoL web application.

Methods and protocols of measurements have been developed together with the partner and their client. By incorporating the MeoL web application into our solution we saved sogefi the trouble of sending e–mails or making phone calls. Data is available immediately at any given moment, whenever they might need it.

»Lotrič Metrology has proved to be a very reliable partner, providing strong professional support to our buyers in the most demanding markets. With the solution we devised together we are able to satisfy the requirements of the German market, in particular automobile giants such as Volkswagen with more ease and more efficiently. We especially appreciate their availability — they are there for us 24/7.«

Dagmar Kogej, 
Quality Engineer Project, Sogefi Filtration d.o.o.