12. 7. 2021

Slovenian Digital Center

The Slovenian Digital Center is the central economic event during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The LOTRIČ Metrology Group presents itself to the wider domestic and foreign public with our own smart product EXACTUM.
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9. 7. 2021

SBC Next Gen

Daughters and sons of top entrepreneurs, united in the group SBC - Slovenian Business Club Next Gen, visited our renovated premises in Železniki on Thursday, July 8, 2021. The visit was intended as a relaxed conversation about motivating and attracting young engineers to development-oriented companies.
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30. 4. 2021

Notified body for protective masks FFP

On Tuesday, 20th of April 2021, by enrolling in the NANDO database at the European Commission, we became the only Notified body in Slovenia for respiratory protective devices: filtering half masks to protect against particles (EN 149:2001+A1:2009), in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment.
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6. 8. 2020

Interlaboratory comparison of face mask testing

A successfully performed interlaboratory comparison is a key confirmation of the adequacy of the testing procedure for medical and personal face masks.
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19. 6. 2020

EURAMET project

LOTRIČ Metrology participated in the project Traceable calibration of automatic weighing instruments operating in the dynamic mode.
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30. 1. 2020

TRAMES Unique 2D optical measuring machine

At LOTRIČ Metrology Ltd we are developing TRAMES Unique measuring devices, which are fully adapted to the client's requirements.
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22. 10. 2019

Official opening of the Competency Measuring Centre

The CMM Competency Centre is officially being opened today at the University of Mostar, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering.
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25. 3. 2019

Quality in the hospitality industry

From 24 to 26 March, the international hospitality fair GAST takes place in Klagenfurt.
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19. 3. 2019

At the LAB-SUPLY Fair

Today, the LAB-SUPPLY Fair opened its door in Vienna. LOTRIČ Metrology is one of the represented companies.
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8. 3. 2019

Enriched reality

Did you know that drugs are on the road for 21 days or more? Our new PHARMA Certification brochure explains the importance of controlled transport, now for the first time with enriched reality.
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