6. 3. 2019

On Tuesday, 5 March, 2019, a Production Measurement Technologies 4.0 workshop took place at the premises of LOTRIČ Metrology. The workshop was organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

A section of users of continuous improvement systems implemented a Good Practice Exchange in cooperation with SRIP Factories of the Future. It is intended for experts from manufacturing companies operating in the field of production quality, development and management, and companies that manufacture measuring equipment and laboratories.

With the development of the Internet of things and services, with the availability of classic, advanced and integrated sensors, and with new methods of connecting information, a smart factory will enable its products to choose their future path in the life cycle. The complexity of the production process and, consequently, of production measurement technologies is increasing, as the aim is to achieve higher production efficiency and a higher degree of product personalisation. The advanced production measurement techniques/technologies related to measurements and testing to be carried out in the industrial process of product formation are therefore a crucial part of modern smart factories.

The purpose of the Exchange is to initiate a discussion on how to effectively integrate metrology into Industry 4.0 and complement it with other aspects, such as:

• “Inline metrology”: performing measurements during the process

• “No contact”: optical and laser systems

• “Machine based measurement and inspection”

The workshop participants also visited the Lotrič Metrology laboratories and familiarised themselves with the metrological solutions for Industry 4.0.