25. 3. 2019

From 24 to 26 March, the international hospitality fair GAST takes place in Klagenfurt.

The visitors of the fair can also view LOTRIČ Metrology services and products, intended for the assurance of quality in the hospitality industry.

Among them is EXACTUM, a smart automatic control system for automated monitoring of environmental conditions that ensures the safety of stored foods.

On the other hand, we realise that more and more of our time is spent indoors. It is therefore important that living conditions are optimal.

The modern EXACTUM Wellbeing application takes care of that: it guarantees the highest possible level of comfort, thereby improving your overall wellbeing.

The presentation is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund. It is co-financed within the framework of the following project: Partnering of Lotrič Metrology d.o.o., PRECISIUM d.o.o. and NELA d.o.o. companies for the purpose of a successful participation in the Austrian market.