6. 8. 2020
At the company LOTRIČ Metrology, we perform tests of medical face masks in accordance with the European standard EN 14683: 2019, and personal half-face masks in accordance with the national technical specifications SIST-TS 1200: 2020.

In order to confirm the validity of the results and the competencies of the testing laboratory, an interlaboratory comparison (ILC) was performed, in which 6 laboratories from all over Europe participated.

It was performed by an accredited ILC provider (ISO 17043) on the basis of the bacterial filtration efficiency test, BFE, which is the main test in determining the technical conformity of medical face masks.

We achieved more than excellent results, indicated by the Z factor, which in our case is always less than 1; the limit for successful tests is a factor less than 2. The results are suitable for all test parameters. They were at most 0.14 % away from the true value, with a standard deviation of 0.11 % for all participants.

In the test laboratory, we offer manufacturers a quick and efficient assessment of the conformity of manufactured masks, and check the quality and suitability of face masks that arrive in Slovenia from other countries, especially from the Far East, where most of the world's production currently takes place. In addition to testing on finished products, we also perform tests in the development phase, where we test individual materials intended for the manufacture of masks, thus ensuring the safety of all of us. The tests are performed in collaboration with our partner the National Institute of Biology (NIB), which covers the microbiological parts of the test.

The test laboratory will largely serve as the foundation for the launch of the Slovenian production of face masks. In recent months, Slovenia has made a big step towards self-sufficiency, with individual manufacturers already using our help to obtain consent for the use of the CE mark, which means full compliance of medical masks.