9. 7. 2021
Daughters and sons of top entrepreneurs, united in the group SBC - Slovenian Business Club Next Gen, visited our renovated premises in Železniki on Thursday, July 8, 2021. The visit was intended as a relaxed conversation about motivating and attracting young engineers to development-oriented companies.

View of the renovated premises

The LOTRIČ Metrology Group invited SBC Next Gen to visit our company, to show them the renovated laboratories and development department.
We tried to answer the questions that arose in the laboratories where the tests take place:

·        How to lead a project for the global multinational Hisense Gorenje Europe?

·        Who checks and tests medical masks?

·        Why does rust appear on a car, and how do we prevent it?

·        How do we know how long the cream can be open?

·        How many times we can we reuse a water bottle?

We presented to SBC Next Gen the process of development of our own products, according to the customer’s desires. With advanced measurements and solutions, we ensure that customers have accurate information about their products. In our assembly room, SBC Next Gen had the opportunity to see the completion of one of the projects for the world-renowned company Hisense Gorenje Europe.

How to motivate and attract young engineers?

Simon Mesec, Sales Manager at Mebor, a company which manufactures wood cutting machines according to the client's wishes, also responded to the invitation to attend the meeting. Together with Maja Lotrič, co-owner and representative of the Second Generation, a conversation took place in a relaxed atmosphere. Maja and Simon presented their views and experiences on what motivates young engineers, and how to attract them to work in an environment away from city centres. The conversation was led by Goran Novković, Executive Director of SBC, in the direction of how companies can work out where their market opportunities are. SBC Next Gen were actively involved in the conversation with their experiences, suggestions and ideas.

SBC Next Gen concluded the pleasant meeting with the determination of future activities and fun socializing.