Being up to speed with the requirements of national and European legislation.Respecting international standards. Caring for the health and safety of people and animals. Protecting the environment. Accountability to consumers. These are therequirements your customers and clients expect of you. We help you meet theirrequirements and exceed their expectations.     

At LOTRIČ Metrology we ascertain the conformity of a wide range of legal measuring instruments, equipment under pressure, health and safety regulations, fire regulations, concordance ofvehicles with atp, good practices in the pharmaceutical industry,and technical specifications of producers.

Certicate LOTRIČ Metrology: a document that counts.


We have decades of experience with calibration, testing and conformity assurance and are recognised as a reference partner.

With Lotrič Metrology your measures are calibrated and processes verified just like your customers want them.

LOTRIČ Metrology certificate testifies to your quality which has a lot of advantages.

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We perform calibrations for the widest range of your requirements.


We perform testing through the entire life–cycle of your sample - from raw material to material, half–product, or product and waste.


Metrology solutions

Our users swear to one of the three ways of colaboration.