Quality is crucial for you. Would you like to save 1FTE (man–day) per 500 pieces of equipment? To work with a partner that offers know–how and 24/7 availability, as well as support when and how you need it? While at the same time optimising your supply chain, increasing equipment use efficiency, and using all the advantages of automation, thus gaining more time to spend on your core business and products?

The users of Lotrič Metrology solutions swear by one of these options of collaboration

Enabling you to focus on your customers.

Ready to use project

Together we plan and prepare, you execute. LOTRIČ Metrology helps you with: 
  • Measure calibration processes: etalons, hardware and software for calibration processes; instructions for performing and calculating measurement uncertainty, label and certificate; training of technicians for performing the process of calibration. 

  • Quality assurance for your products: measuring methods for establishing your products’ conformity; custom–made etalons and devices for final product control; reference sample and method for checking your devices. 

  • Establishment of a ready–made laboratory: preparation of a purchase plan for equipment with a complete list of methods and standards; planning, laboratory architecture, and overseeing of building processes; launch and first check of all hardware and software.

We manage over 1000 measurements.

Preventive maintenance

Preventative maintenance: for better management for your measures and devices! 
  • Managing the life cycle of measures, laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment: regular periodic maintenance and replacement of parts; adjustment to re–establish accuracy of the device; servicing and equipment repairs and spare parts. 

  • Optimisation of measurement using existing equipment: upgrades or improvements to your existing equipment; software for more efficient use of your equipment; automatisation of equipment and measuring processes. 

  • Equipment for storage and transport: purpose–built devices for proper storage equipment in place of use; custom–made packaging and purpose equipment cases for transport; servicing and reinforcement of equipment packaging.

Here to satisfy your needs!

Orderly measurements

Lotrič Metrology takes care of all your measurements. This all–inclusive solution offers: 
  • Checks of measuring, laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment: calibration, evaluation, verification, control, qualification; planning the next date of equipment checks; assuring conformity of equipment for further use. 

  • Control of products and production: measurements to assure products meet requirements - statement of conformity; monitoring of environmental conditions and ergonomics of the work environment; workplace safety and fire safety. 

  • Education and training at M&Q ACADEMY: correct use of equipment and performance of measuring; quality management, management of measurements; keeping equipment in order and under control.

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We perform calibrations for the widest range of your requirements.


We perform testing through the entire life–cycle of your sample - from raw material to material, half–product, or product and waste.


Control and verification

In LOTRIČ Metrology we control and varificare based on a wide range of legal criteria.