Why risk the consequences of unmonitored, inaccurate or incomplete measuringof environmental conditions? The cost of these can easily climb to a few thousandeuros. And why battle with parameter records in several locations and variousarchives which can take up to 11% of your time? Use our new and efficient systemto automatically control parameters.

EXACTUM smart sensor hub – the innovative solution – automatically protects your processes and products and helps you meet the necessary standards and requirements. With the EXACTUM system you decrease the chances of product loss and the risk of regulative non–conformity.

It is intended for companies and institutions in the fields of the:
  • automobile industry,
  • medicine,
  • the pharmaceutical industry,
  • agronomy,
  • warehousing,
  • distribution,
  • greenhouses,
  • laboratories and
  • museums.

    Does the monitoring for you


    • Continual on–line measurements in real time instead of less reliable periodic measurements.
    • Automatic alarm system reduces the chance of human error. Settings are adaptable for every parameter and can be suited to daily personnel schedules.
    • Reports are generated automatically - so you don’t have to worry about them. Parameter records are set according to your needs.
    • Simple, user–friendly way of adding, removing and joining measuring locations.
    • Lower costs due to fewer delayed reactions and time savings.
    • The mobility of the application.
    • Compatible with existing systems.

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