With the increasing, more difficult and more complex demands for the dimensional control of measuring tools, products require new, advanced and especially adjustable measuring solutions, systems and devices.

Future demands customized solutions


TRAMES Unique systems are measuring machines which are fully adapted to the demands of our customers.When you can't find the right measuring solution for your metrology problem, we design and manufacture a measuring machine: TRAMES Unique, which is customized to your needs, down to the last detail.
  • What do we measure?
  • With what accuracy do we measure?
  • What are the tolerances of the samples?
  • What kind of measuring system do we need?
  • How to adjust the construction?
  • Which software to choose?
  • How do we evaluate the results?

By answering these and many other questions, we develop the concept of a device that can measure the dimensions of products in 1D, 2D or 3D space. We customize automation and, at the same time, offer you various system upgrades.

Our projects

Optical measuring systems

Vision metrology

Measuring machines for non-contact optical measuring with fully customized metrological characteristics.

Fully customized 2D optical measuring system

2D optical measuring system for the automotive industry

Contact measuring systems

Touch/Probe Metrology

Development of unique mechanical probes for measuring products during or after the production process. 

Laser measuring systems

Laser scanning or measurement of products on stationary measuring machines as well as on production lines or in laboratories.

Combined measuring systems

Use of various measuring principles for achieving integrity and wider capabilities of the system (e.g. 2D optical measuring + 1D laser measuring + mass measuring).

3D measuring system for heavy industry

Measurement of the dimensions and density of insulating wool

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