A smell of a new car is actually a mixture of toxins that have a negative impact on our health. Due to long-term risks, such as hormonal system disorders, carcinogenicity and reduced fertility, vehicle manufacturers have developed methods for testing the content of volatile organic compounds in polymeric materials installed in the vehicle.

In the laboratory LOTRIČ Metrology, we most often test according to the requirements of the standard VW 508004, which prescribes fogging test according to PV 5015, odour test (VDA 270 test), emissions of volatile carbon components and formaldehyde (PV 3925).
Fogging # DIN 75201-A, PV 3015, ISO 6452, DBL 5306.18, GMW 3235, STD 1082, SAE J 1756, VCS 1027, PSA D 45 1727
Odor test # VDA 270, PV 3900, GME 60276, GMW 3205, VCS 1027, VCS 2729, TPJLR 52.458
Formaldehyde emission # VDA 275, PV 3925
Total carbon # VDA 277, PV 3341
Thermodesorbtion analysis (VOC in FOG) # VDA 278
1,3 butadiene content # DIN 13130-4
Methods marked with # are externally provided.

The right information allows you to eliminate defects and upgrade your product

Product failure analysis

Product failure analysis is an important discipline in the production industry and it is used in development of new and improvement of products which are already in the market. 

Complex problems in the production line are not easily solved. In such cases often the companies do not have enough resources, knowledge and analytical methods that could enable comprehensive approach to the problem. LOTRIČ Metrology laboratories are your partner in problem solving using chemical and mechanical methods in the field of polymer technology and metallurgical sciences. 

LOTRIČ Metrology Certificate: a document that counts.


Is quality of key importance in your company? If the answer is yes, LOTRIČ Metrology is your true partner. Contact us: we measure, so that you can grow. 

We have decades of experience with calibration, testing and conformity assurance and are recognised as a reference partner. With Lotrič Metrology your measures are calibrated and processes verified just like your customers want them.

LOTRIČ Metrology certificate testifies to the quality of your products. 

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