Salt is the basic raw material for products. It is mainly used in glass, plastic, paper and farming industries as a softening and defrosting agent. In the laboratory for analytical chemistry we check the concentration of salt and the content of individual elements, especially heavy metals. Regular analyses control the introduction of harmful substances into the environment. We perform the tests according to the standard and other procedures listed below and tailor them to your requirements.

Heavy metal content (Ni, Cr, Zn, Pb, As, Cd, Cu, Hg)
Heavy volatile lipophilic substances (TLS)
Content of calcium and magnesium

The right information allows you to eliminate defects and upgrade your product

Product failure analysis

Product failure analysis is an important discipline in the production industry and it is used in development of new products and improvement of existing products on the market. 

Complex problems on the production line are not easily solved. In such cases, often the companies do not have enough resources, knowledge and analytical methods to ensure a  comprehensive approach to the problem. LOTRIČ Metrology laboratories are your partner in problem-solving, using chemical and mechanical methods in the field of chemistry, mechanics, polymer technology and metallurgical sciences.

LOTRIČ Metrology Certificate: a document that counts.


Is quality of key importance in your company? If the answer is yes, LOTRIČ Metrology is your true partner. Contact us: we measure, so that you can grow. 

We have decades of experience with calibration, testing and conformity assurance and are recognised as a reference partner. With Lotrič Metrology your measures are calibrated and processes verified just like your customers want them.

LOTRIČ Metrology certificate testifies to the quality of your products. 

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