• give a theoretical basis and practical work on modern measuring equipment,
  • present standards for metrological control, as well as base management criteria in own organization,
  • present practice and calibration criteria for determining the measurement uncertainty,
  • in discussion to exchange views and experiences, and find optimal solutions of different situations in practice.

Objectives and purposes of seminar:

  • metrology, standardization and conformity assessment,
  • what is metrology,
  • mass area and measuring devices calibration,
  • measuring devices recalibration, period and its determination,
  • scales and weights characteristics,
  • use of scales – influences on weighing and their elimination,
  • scale control by the user,
  • weighing uncertainty of measurement,
  • inspection of accredited metrology laboratory for mass.

Target groups:

  • heads of laboratories,
  • quality managers,
  • persons responsible for the sistem quality in laboratories,
  • analysts,
  • laboratory assistants,
  • contractors of control criteria.

  • Primož Hafner - head of laboratory LOTRIČ d.o.o., international auditor of quality management system ISO 9001


4. 4. 2019: from 9 AM to 3 PM

18. 9. 2019: from 9 AM to 3 PM


LOTRIČ Meroslovje
Big / small conference room
Selca 163, 4227 Selca

Registration fee: 298 € + VAT